Yesh dvarim sheratziti lomar
ve'einam na'anim li
hamilim shebacharti einan
hatovot mikulan
amokim min heyam hasodot
she'einam muvanim li
she'ulai lo avin,
lo avin le'olam.

Lo bechol hadrachim
sheratzili lalechet halachti,
badrachim shehalachti ta'iti
vadai lo pa'am achat,
ve'atzavot mahalah kol simchah
kol simcha shesamachti
kmo bikashti davar,
davar she'avad.

Chalomot shechalamti
vehem mekitzim bi adain,
shivreihem be'einai
nishtafim mifnei badim'ah,
veleilot yesurim lo s'furim
shehitv'ati bayayin
ke'oved bedarki
bedarkhi hara'ah.

Ach bechol hadrachim me'olam
lo avda li darkeinu
vegam im lif'amim
sa'aru misaviv haruchot,
ve'ahavti otach,
vehayah lanu tov
tov ad g'doteinu;
vehayah lanu ra'ah,
ve'ahavti otach lo pachot.


There are things that I wanted to say
and I'm given no answer to them
the words that I chose are not
the best of all
the deepest of the sea of secrets
that aren't understood by me
that I probably will not understand
will not ever understand.

Not in all of the paths
that I wanted to walk have I walked in,
in the paths that I walked I erred
surely not once,
and sadness replaces each joy
each joy that I enjoyed
as I asked for something,
something that got lost.

Dreams I dreamt
and they still wake me,
their fragments are in my eyes,
are rinsed from my face in tears,
and countless nights of torment
that I drowned myself in wine
like one lost in my path,
in my evil path.

But in all the paths never
did our path get lost
and even if sometimes
the winds stormed around (us),
and I loved you,
and we felt good,
good up to our shorelines;
and we felt bad,
and I loved you no less.

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Yankele Rotblit
Yehudah Poliker
Yehudah Poliker
The Best Of Yehudah Poliker Disc 2 Track 5
Israel Shiker

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