Derech arukah
ani ke'of binedudav
ani keru'ach cheresh
yamim overet
sharah lah mistav el stav.

Derech rechokah
va'ani tzipor beleil sagrir
tzipor bli bayit,
mah hi
el mul shamaim
kshe'avad lah sof hashir.

Shir haru'ach al hamayim
velo harbeh g'vanim
mi ani hayom umah ani
batz'lilim hamish'tanim bashir?
Ksheha'or al pnei hamayim
yesh keshet shel g'vanim
mi ani hayom
mah hayom
mi ani bashir.

Derech rechokah
uvesofah atah nitzav
avo eleicha cheresh
keru'ach erev
nelech itah ad tom yachdav.

Derech arukah
va'ani tzipor t'luyah al bad
hoshet yadcha li,
k'ra li,
ki bashamaim
kol hashir sheli avad.

Shir haru'ach...


A long road
and I'm like a wandering bird
I am like a soft wind
passing the days
singing from one autumn to another.

A far road
and I'm a bird on a rainy night
a homeless bird,
what is it
compared to the sky
when the end of the song is lost to it.

The wind's song about the water
and it has many shades of colour
who am I today and what am I
in the sounds that change in the song?
When the light is on the water's surface
there's a rainbow of colour shades
who am I today
what (is) today
who am I in the song.

A far road
and at its end you are stuck
I'll come to you softly
like evening wind
we'll walk with it together until we reach purity

A long road
and I'm a bird hanging on nest of linen
extend your hand to me,
call to me,
because in heaven
all of my song is lost.

The wind's song...

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Talma Alyagon Roz
Kobi Oshrat
Orna & Moshe Datz With Lehakat Eden
Gali Atari
Maya Dagan
Moshe Peretz
Ninet Tayeb
Ilan Benedict
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Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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