Or haner nimhal
B'or hayareiyach
Al hakar sa'areich shafuch
Bachalon tzameret etz poreiyach
Vehasheket chazar
Ro'im lefi hachiyuch

Sa'arah hayta, hinei chalfah la
Ufanayich shuv rog'ot kifnei hayam
Im ha'or nosif lalechet hal'a
Od haderech rabah
Hamasah adayin lo tam

Lo kalah hi,
Lo kalah darkeinu
V'einayich lifamim ko nugot
Od sadot porchim
Yesh lifaneinu
Od harim g'vohim
V'tzonenei p'sagot

R'sisim shel or
V'chiyuch shuv m'gashesh
Darko eilai
Kol hatov odenu lifanayich
Simi rosh al k'teifi
Tni li yadeich b'yadi

Od m'at yitam haner,
Od m'at yuvas
hasheket hamvorach
Hamulat hayom
Tatchil lifko'a
Lo telchi l'vadeich
Ani eh'yeh sham itach


The candle's light blends
With the moonlight
Your hair is spread across the pillow
At the top window, a tree blossoms
And the silence has returned
Ones sees according to one's smile

The storm was here, now it's passed
And your face is again calm like the sea
With the light, we'll continue to go further
The road is still long
The journey is not yet over

It's not easy,
our path is not easy
And your eyes sometimes are so sad
More blossoming fields
Are before us
More high mountains
With cool summits

Fragments of light
Are in your tears
And a smile again gropes
its way towards me
All the good is still before you
Put your head on my shoulder
Put your hand in mine

Very soon the candle
Will finish dying out
Very soon the blessed quiet
will be routed
The commotion of the day
Will begin to
break through
You won't walk alone
I'll be there with you


Hebrew words

The song comes from the Israel TV series Haborganim

Yankale Rotblit
Izhar Ashdot
Sarit Vino-Elad
Hani Furstenberg
Gadi Bitton 2002

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