Od me'at yered po geshem,
bo venisha'er bachutz.
Nit'chadesh k'mo hadeshe
be'olam yafeh, rachutz.

Histakel, hineh chutim shel geshem;
mishehu rotzeh lit'por,
beged chag lechol ha'emek,
lagva'ot, laharim velamishor.

Bo venechakeh lageshem
netzapeh ad sheyashuv.
Nechakeh lo ad ha'erev,
sheyed'a she'hu chashuv.

Eich tafru lahem chutim shel geshem
kova tembel lachatzav,
ve'achshav tetze hashemesh
vetosif lekishut rikmat zahav.

Hineh kvar yored hageshem,
misimchah roked habrosh.
Hatipot yordot beketzev,
martivot li et harosh!


Soon it will rain here,
let's stay outside,
we'll be renewed like the grass
in a beautiful world, rinsed.

Look, there are threads of rain here;
somebody wants to sew,
a festival dress for all the valley,
for the hills, the mountains and the plane.

Let's wait for the rain
we'll await its return.
We'll wait for it until the evening,
so it may know that it's important.

How they sewed themselves threats of rain
a fisherman hat for the sea-quill,
and now the sun will come out
and it'll add goldem embroidery to the decoration.

Here it's already raining,
the cypress is dancing out of joy.
The drops come down in a rhythm,
they wet my head!

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Ehud Manor
Nurit Hirsch
Yoav Yitzchak
Yafa Yarkoni
Ofra Fuks

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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