Chori chori hum Gori se pyaar karen ge
chupke chupke dil ki baaten, yaar, karen ge
Aane waali kab aae gi?
Koee de bataa!
Dhoond rehe hain jaane kab se
hum uss ka pataa
Aaja aaja......

Pyaare pyaare, dekh na, pyaare, din mein taare
Dil ki baazi koee na jeeta -
saare haare
Mar jaae ga, mit jaae ga
Kar na aisee khataa
Nahee mili hai, nahee miley gi
Arey, teri dilrubaa
Aaja aaja...


I will love Gori in secret
I'll quietly speak the words of my heart, my friend
When will she who is to arrive, arrive?
Somebody tell me!
I've been searching since who knows when
Her whereabouts
Come, come...

Friend, don't see stars in the daytime
Nobody's won a wager of the heart -
everyone's lost
You'll die, you'll be erased
Don't make that kind of mistake
You haven't found her, you won't find her
Oh, your sweetheart
Come, come...

chori theft
chori chori stealthily
hum us/we (sometimes me/I)
Gori Fair-skinned or white woman. Could be a woman's name.
se from, since
pyaar love
kar do
karna to do
chupke se quietly
aa/aao arrive
aana to arrive
waali the one (feminine)
waala the one (masculine)
kab when
koee any, anyone
bataana to tell
bataa tell
dhoondna to search for
dhoond search for
pyaare beloved, friend
dekh look
dekhna to look
na not
din day
mein in
taara star
taare stars
baazi bet, wager, dare
jeeta won
jeetna to win
saare all, everyone
haare lost (a competition, bet, etc.)
haarna to lose (a competition, bet, etc.)
marna to die
maarna to kill
jaana to go
mitna to be erased
mitaana to erase
aisee like this (feminine)
aisaa like this (masculine)
yeh this
khataa mistake, mis-aim
nahee no
milna to find
arey oh! (usually in surprise)
teri your (feminine)
tera your (masculine)
dilrubaa sweetheart (feminine)

Snow, adapted by Arash
Aviv Ben Ishay

Words transliterated and translated by Najam Tirmizi of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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