Me'al ha'ananim ha'aforim
zoher sodam shel kochavim.
Ani holech batelem vesho'el:
mi oneh al mish'alot kochav nofel.
Harei bikashti elef pe'amim
shetachzeri elai le'olamim.
Ani holech uveyadi michtav,
shehish'art le'elem me'ohav.

Chizri elai
k'mo hashemesh veharu'ach,
chizri elai
k'mo had'vash el hatapu'ach,
chizri elai
k'mo onah shemitchalefet kol shanah.
Chizri elai
k'mo haben hashav habaitah,
chizri elai
ani yode'a she'lo dai lach,
chizri elai
k'mo hachetz el toch halev
el han'shamah.

Me'al ha'ananim ha'aforim
kvar yom chadash me'ir panim,
al ha'etzim omdot hatziporim
umechakot lashir k'shetachzeri.
Gam haperot hivshilu lich'vodech
vehaprachim mizman parchu
Eten lach gan shel eden amiti,
ki lach tamid sh'murah ahavati.

Chizri elai...


Above the gray clouds
Shines the stars' secrets
I'm going through the furrow and asking
Who answers the questions of a shooting star?
As I have asked you a thousand times
To come back to me, forever
I am going and in my hands is a letter
That you left for a young man in love

Come back to me
Like the sun and the wind
Come back to me
Like the honey to the apple
Come back to me
Like a season that changes every year
Come back to me
Like the son who goes back home
Come back to me
I know that you haven't had enough
Come back to me
Like the arrow into the heart,
into the soul

Above the gray clouds
A new day shines
On the trees, the birds stand
And wait for your arrival to sing
The fruits have also ripened in your honor
And the flowers have already bloomed
for your sake
I will give you a real Garden of Eden
Because my love for you is well-kept


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Ze'ev Nechamah
Ze'ev Nechamah And Tamir Kaliski
Eyal Golan
Bil'adaich Track 5
Yaron Malichi

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