Rega shel chesed matok
Rega cham she’en lo ach
Min ga’agu’a rachok chai belibi

Dimita ve’ulai lo dimita
Bi sho’el hakol harach
Zichron ahava pit’omit
Shat bekirbi

Hofech bi ve’hofech
Hazikaron hacham
Nidme hakol chalom vehazaya
Heyot ve’ulai
Hayit kacha stam
Tshuka rig’it o heref ashlaya

Ve’ata, ata, ata lanetzach
Le’olam itcha la’ad
Belibi shotet kmo petza
Ve’halev nir’ad
Ve’ata encha yode’a
Ein acher ata echad
Eich hakol hakol kore’a
Eich hakol mo’ed

Rega shel chesed matok
Az naga’ata bichtefi
Eich az bikashta lenashek

Ra’ita ve’ulai lo ra’ita
Bi sho’el hakol hachai
Zichron ahava pit’omit behagigai

Avarta bechayai
Hekamta bi migdal
Ve’ir shlema lerega leshniya
Hayita hamahut
Hayita tzav goral
Kortov rig’I shel klal hahavaya

Ve’ata, ata………


A moment of sweet grace
A warm moment not like any other
Like far away longing lives in my heart

Did you imagine? Or you didn’t
Asks me the soft voice
A memory of a sudden love
Floats in me

Turns in me
The warm memory
It feels like it was a dream, an illusion
You were and maybe
You were just like
A momentary passion or a brief delusion

And you, you are forever
With you forever
In my heart bleeds like a wound
And the heart trembles
And you don’t know
You are the one, there is no other
How did it all collapse?
How did it all stumble?

A moment of sweet grace
You touched my shoulder
How did you ask then
To kiss my lips
You saw and maybe you didn’t
The live voice asks in me
A memory of a sudden love in my thoughts

You passed my life
You raised a tower in me
And a whole city for a minute, for a second
You were the essence
You were what faith commanded
A small bit of the whole being

And you……..

Hebrew words

Dudu Barak
Shmuel Elbaz
Limor Tovim
Ze’ev Benedikt

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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