Ani chatul rechov harechov haya li bayit
Bo shatiti et memai ve'achalti et lachmi
Kdey lisrod shalafti tzipornayim

Bamadregot, bamiklatim, me'al gagot habatim
Hitzati mita lalayla
Kshehaklavim hayu novchim
hitchabeti bapachim
Kshehem shatku ani himshcti hal'a

Vehayom ani chatul rechov ayef
Mechapes chatula shel bayit
Lehitkarbel ita, l
ehitztanef ulelatef
Besha'a shel bein arbayim
Vehayom ani chatul rechov ayef
Mechapes chatula mibayit tov
Az im tir'u achat kazot
Overet basviva
Tagidu la sheyesh chatul panuy le'ahava

Ani chatul rechov uvarechov hayiti melech
Ach le'at im hashanim
Hitchalfu kan hashchenim
Ve'en hayom mi shepote'ach delet

Bein galgaley hamechoniyot
hitpatalti kdey lichyot
Ra'iti et sofi lo pa'am
Uchsheredafni hatorfim
Al ha'anafim tipasti
Ad sheya'avor haza'am

Ve'hayom ani........


I am a street cat, the street was my home
I ate my bread and drank my water in it
To servive I drew my nails

In stairs, in shelters, on roofs
I made my bed for the night
When dogs were barking
I hid in rubish bins
When they stopped I countinued

And today I am a tired street cat
Looking for a house female cat
To curl up with her,
to be wraped with her, to fondle
In twilight
And today I am a tired street cat
Looking for a female cat from a good home
So if you see one
Passing by
Tell her there is a cat free for love

I am a street cat, in the street I was a king
But slowly through the years
The neighbours changed
And there is no one today to open a door

Between car wheels
I twisted to keep on living
More than once I saw my end coming
And when the predators chased after me
I climbed the trees
Until fury passes

And today I am a tired street cat...

Uzi Hitman
Uzi Hitman
Lior Narkis
Chatul Rechov Track 3

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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