Hayam yafeh haboker, hayam hu dai shaket
az bo'i na yaldonet elai lachasakeh
po ein mif'ras matu'ach ve'ein gam ma'akeh
aval me'od batu'ach etzli bachasakeh.

Chasakeh, chasakeh, bli sipun uma'akeh
shenichyeh vesheniz'keh rak lashut bachazakeh.

Et hagalim chotechet mamash k'mo chem'ah
tuchli lish'kav aleiha k'mo al mitah chamah
me'al bo'eret shemesh ani od mechakeh
madu'a at lo ba'ah elai lachasakeh.


Mashot echad vegever, zeh hatziyud kulo*
im at rotzah tavo'i, im lo tagidi lo
bli arubah vetoren, bli ochel umashkeh
et ha'olam em'kor lach etzli bachasakeh.


Mimi at mefachedet, tagidi bekol ram,
min has'finah hazoti o migalei hayam,
holechet lach habaitah, ein ta'am she'evkeh,
avi lach la'ambatiah et kol hachasakeh.



The sea is nice this morning, it is quite calm
so please come to me girl to the surfboard
here there's no stormy sail and also no rail
but it's very safe on my surfboard.

Surfboard, surfboard, without a deck or rail
may we live and get to just sail in the surfboard.

It splits the waves just like butter
you can lie down on it like on a warm bed
above the sun burns, I'm still waiting
why aren't you coming to my surfboard.


An oar and a guy, that's all the equipment
if you want, come, if not, say no
without a chimney, mast, food or drink
I'll buy you the world in my surfboard.


Who are you afraid of, tell me out loud,
from this type of boat or from the seawaves,
you go home, there's no point for me to cry,
I'll bring you the whole surfboard to your bath.


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Yoram Teharlev
Moshe Wilensky
Lehakat Cheil Hayam

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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