Or kachol belailah kar shel stav.
Eich ba'ofek shuv nolad kochav.
Geshem kal nofel ani od kan
mechakeh le'ot ulesiman.

Chashavti she'evkeh
kol zman sherak ertzeh
sof lahazayot velash'karim
haru'ach begabi
hako'ach letzidi
kol kore elai mimer'chakim.

Yom ve'od yom lailah lailah ve'od yom
i efshar lin'shom vecham baneshamah.
Yom ve'od yom lailah, lailah lailah ve'od yom
zehu yom chadash vezo hanechamah.

Kol hapa'amon shebakikar
venicho'ach shuk kol kach mukar
tz'chok shel yeled shenofel vekam
vek'lavlav sheratz be'ikvotav.

Chashavti she'evkeh...


A blue light on a cold autumn night
Oh how a star is again born in the horizon.
A light rain falls I'm still here
waiting for a sign and for a mark

I thought I'd cry
whenever I want
end to the illusions and lies
the wind is at my back
the strength is by my side
a voice calls to me from afar.

Day after day, night by night and another day
it's impossible to breathe and it's hot in my soul
Day by day, night by night by night and yet a day
it's a new day and this is the comfort.

The voice of the clocktower in the square
and the smell of the market so familiar
thelaughter of a child that falls and gets up
and a puppy that runs after him.

I thought I'd cry...

Hebrew words

Meni Beger
Gabriel Mazor

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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