Va'ani raiti brosh
shenitzav betoch sadeh mul pnei hashemesh
bacham'sin, bakarah
el mul pnei hase'arah.

Al tzido natah habrosh
lo nishbar et tzamarto hir'chin ad esev.
Vehineh, mul hayam
kam habrosh yarok varam.

Hineh brosh, levado
mul esh vamayim.
Hineh brosh, levado
ad hashamaim.
Brosh, levado eitan.
Lu rak nitan ve'elmad
et darko shel etz echad.

Va'ani k'mo tinok
shenishbar velo yachol mul pnei hashemesh
bacham'sin, bakarah
umul pnei hase'arah.

Hineh brosh, levado...


And I saw a cypress
that was standing in a field against the sun
in the hamsin*, in the frost
against the storm.

On its side a cypress hung
it didn't break its top, it bowed to the grass.
And here, against the sea
the cypress gets up green and lofty.

Here the cypress, alone
against fire and water.
Here the cypress, alone
up to the sky.
Cypress, alone firmly.
If only it's given and I'll learn
the way of one tree.

And I'm like a toddler
that's broken and unable in front of the sun
in the hamsin*, in the frost
against the storm.

Here the cypress, alone...

Photo of Artist & Hebrew words

*hot dry wind

Ehud Manor
Ariel Zilber
Ariel Zilber
Eviatar Banai

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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