Al tishkach sherak bacharta bi
Lihiyot li gever amiti
Lachzor habayta bechol layla
Zer prachim o bosem tzarfati
Ze lo tamid koneh oti
Izvi taiti o nishba lach

Im atah ohev oti kmo az
Im levavot bishmei hapaz
Az bo tochiyach li kmo pa’am

Chabek oti, nashek oti
Lo tamid tzarich siba
Mila tova, chiyuch katan
Matzata achla bachura
Achat sherotza ktzat yoter ahava
Chabek oti, nashek oti
Emor li at hayechida
Vechutz mimech ein af achat
Tagid li she’ani levad
She’ata rak sheli le’olam

Omrim she’ata lo kol kach tamim
Ze lo chashuv ma hem omrim
Rotza mimcha emet lishmoa
Ani lo samti bosem tzarfati
Vehachiyuch hu amiti
Ani lo sachkanit kolno’a

Im atah ohev oti kmo az...


Don’t forget that you chose only me
To be my real man
To come home to every night
[With] a bunch of flowers or French perfume
It doesn’t always buy me
“Leave it”, “I made a mistake” or “I swear to you”...

If you love me like you once did
With hearts in the golden sky
So come and prove it like you once did

Hug me, kiss me
You don’t always need a reason
A nice word, a little smile
You’ve found an amazing girl
One that wants just a little bit more love
Hug me, kiss me
Tell me I’m the only one
And other than you there’s no-one else
Tell me that I’m alone
That you’re mine forever

They say that you’re not so innocent
It’s not important what they say
I want to hear the truth from you
I didn’t put on French perfume
And the smile is real
I’m not an actress from the cinema...

If you love me like you once did...

Hebrew words

Alt. Dance Video

Ze'ev Nechamah
Ze'ev Nechamah and Tamir Kaliski
Sarit Hadad
Miss Music - Sarit Hadad Track 5
Dudu Barzilay
Demonstrated by Dudu Barzilay and partner

Words transliterated and translated by Sabrena Cowan of London, UK.
English translation by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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Don't forget you just chose me
To be a real man for me
To come back home every night
A bunch of flowers or French perfume
Doesn't always buy me
Leave it, I made a mistake or I swear to you

If you love me like before
With hearts in the golden sky
So come and prove it to me like before

Hug me kiss me
You don't always need a reason
A good word a small smile
You found a great girl
One that wants a bit more love
Hug me kiss me
Tell me I am the one
There is no one beside you
Tell me I am alone
And you are the only one forever

They say you are not that innocent
It doesn't matter what they say
I didn't put on a French perfume
And the smile is a real one
I am not a movie actress



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