Boee, tni li yad venelech
Al tishali oti le-an
Al tishali oti al osher
Ulai gam hu yavo
K shehu yavo
Yered aleinu kmo geshem

Boee, nitchabek venelech
Al tishali oti matai
Al tishali oti al bayit
Al tevakshi mimeni zman
Zman lo mechakeh, lo otser, lo nishar


Come, give me your hand and we will go
Don't ask me where
Don't ask me about happiness
Maybe it will come too
When it will come
it'll fall upon us like rain.

Come, let us embrace and go
Don't ask me when
Don't ask me about home
Don't ask me for time
Time does not wait, nor stop or remain.

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The song also includes Ethiopian chanting.

The translation of the Ethiopian:

Do you remember when you used to bring me flowers time after time
When we used to play like children
When you used to miss me
I missed you
When we used to hold eachother
we used to enjoy everyday we had together
I hated to be apart from you
But now when its all over
what will be
what will be

Alt. translation:

" Do you remember back then, when you used to always bring me flowers ? You'd entertain me, I'd entertain you, You'd talk to me, I'd talk to you We'd hold each other We'd spend every day with joy When evening came, we'd ask when a new day would begin When we'd separate, I would feel sad When we'd meet, I would feel immense joy And now all that has passed and here we are now. ... "
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Idan Raichel
Idan Raichel
Idan Raichel
Idan Raichel's Project Track 12

Words transliterated and translated by Michael of Sydney, NSW, Australia.
Portuguese translation by Eva Zegman of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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Venha, me dê a mão e andemos
não me pergunte para onde
não me pergunte sobre felicidade
talvez ela venha também
Quando ela vier
descerá sobre nós como chuva.

Venha, vamo-nos abraçar e andar
não me pergunte quando
não me pergunte sobre a casa
não me peça tempo
Não espero, não quero, não fico.

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