Mi yad'lik li et ha'or
lemi yesh remez sheyim'sor
le'eizeh kivun uve'eizo chultzah
le'eifo haderech otah hu chatzah
be'ikvotav ani kan levadi
uveintaim hakol negdi.

Ein breirah, simtah tzarah
hakol domem ani erah,
mah meyuchad bo shekachah tafas
umah meshuch'rar bi shekach ne'echaz
be'ikvotav ani kan levadi
uveintaim hakol negdi.

Derech arukah avarti yesh li matarah,
derech p'ratit, derech bli chazarah
lo ichpat li mah yagidu, ein zeh meshaneh
ish bim'komi et beiti bishvili lo yiv'neh.

Lailah kar proz'dor mu'ar
be'or chalash k'mo balash
ani mit'kademet bli ma'atzorim
ani mit'kademet atah sham bif'nim
bati lakachat otcha tit'labesh
me'uchar kvar, al tit'akesh.

Derech arukah avarti...

Lailah kar...


Who will set on the light for me
whoever has a hint, drop (me it)
to what direction, in which weakness
where's the way that he crossed
in his footsteps I'm here alone
and meanwhile everything's against me.

There's no choice, a narrow alley
Everything's quiet, I'm awake,
what's special in what he grabbed
and what's released in me that it's held so
in his footsteps I'm here alone
and meanwhile everything's against me.

I passed a long path, I have a goal,
a private path, a path without return
I don't care what they'll say, it doesn't matter
nobody will build me my home instead of me

A cold night, a lit up corridor
in a weak light like a detective
I'm going forward without stops
I'm going forward you are there inside
I came to take you, get dressed
it's already late, don't be stubborn.

I passed a long path...

A cold night...

Photo of Artist & Hebrew words

Ze'ev Ulman
Efraim Shamir
Gali Atari

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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