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The source book is "Bekol Ram" pages 104-105
The Shiron of the Youth and Hechalutz Department of the WZO, Jerusalem. Year not specified.
Selected and prepared for publication by Uri Cohen and Zvi Ben-Porat
Bekol Ram was printed in repeated editions in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
A completely revised, updated and limited edition was printed in Getting Israel Together, for Israel Experience, Director Chaim Feder, in 1986.

Please note: This songbook is no longer published or available for purchase.
There are only limited copies available in libraries worldwide.

Ehud Manor
Nurit Hirsh
Yaffa Yarkoni
Ilanit (& Ilan)
Aviv Livnat
Gitit Shoval & Ron Drouyan
The Best of Ilanit Track 1
Raaya Spivak

Italian - singable translation by Daniel Shalev of Rishon Le Zion, Israel.
Spanish translation by Heidi Cazes de Sevilla of Mexico City, Mexico.
English - singable translation by Ros Schwartz of Canada.
English - word by word translation by Marsha Fensin with help from Adina Sutlin of Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA.
English - singable translation by G. Gewirtz, edited and submited by Cyd Baron of Houston, Texas, USA.
English - singable translation by Jennifer Antebi of Unknown, USA.
Special thanks to Gila Ansell Brauner
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Italian - singable


Lanno nuovo verrà
e qui sul terrazzino
noi vedremo gli uccelli migrar.
Giocheranno così,
i bimbi a nascondino,
li vedremo nei campi scherzar.

Tu vedrai, tu vedrai
che felice sarai
quando lanno che viene, verrà

Uva rossa, per noi
al sole maturata
e ghiacciata, servita sarà.
Nubi in cielo, per via
la brezza addormentata
vecchi fogli, su e giù spazzerà.

Tu vedrai, tu vedrai...

L'anno nuovo verrà,
cacciando tutti i mali,
verso il cielo le palme alzerem.
Un airone lassù
distenderà le ali
e la luce del sole vedrem.

Tu vedrai, tu vedrai...



El año que viene nos sentaremos en la terraza
Y contaremos los pájaros que emigran
Los niños de vacaciones jugarán a la roña
Entre la casa y los campos

Ya verás, ya verás lo bueno que será

El año que viene
Las uvas rojas madurarán hasta la tarde
Y las serviremos frías sobre la mesa
Y los vientos soplarán y llevarán crucero
Los periódicos viejos y una nube

Ya verás....

El año que viene extenderemos las palmas de las manos
Hacia la radiante luz blanca
Una garza blanca
Extenderá sus alas como un la luz
Y entre ellas se elevará el sol

Ya verás....

English - singable

In the year that will be

In the year that will be ... well sit out on our porches
Counting migrating birds as they fly
And the children will run between the houses and the fields
Playing catch under cloudless blue skies

Come with me, you will see
Just how sweet life will be
in the year, in the year that will be
Come with me, you will see
Just how sweet life will be
in the year, in the year that I see

Dark red grapes on the vine will ripen til the evening,
Then bring the chill of the night to our plates
And the soft wind will blow a cloud of old newspaper
Bearing news that is long out of date


In the year that will be ... well spread our hands before us
Gathering light that will dazzle our eyes
A white heron will spread her perfect wings above us
And between them the new sun will rise ...


Dancing in the wind - Composed in 2005

English - word by word

Next Year

Bashanah haba'ah - next year, in the new year (literally: the year to come)
Nesheiv Well sit
Al Hamirpeset - on the porch (veranda, balcony)
Venispor - and well count
Tziporim - birds
Nodedot - migrating

Yeladim - children
Bechufshah - on vacation or holiday
Yesachaku - will play
Tofeset catch, tag (game)
Bein habayit - between the house
Levein hasadot - and (between) the fields
(Bein and Levein: same word - with and without the dagesh, Bet for an initial letter or to show ellipsis; Vet for one after a vowel)
House singular; Sadot plural: sic, Ehud Manor

Od - once more, again
Tireh youll see
Kamah - How (much; interrogative, conjunction)
Tov - good
Yih'yeh - it will be

Anavim - grapes
Adumim red (plural; any shade of red)
Yavshilu - will ripen
Ad - by (hour, time), until
Haerev - the evening

Veyugshu - and will be served
Tzonenim - Chilled
Lashulchan - to the table

Veruchot - and winds
Redumim - sleepy, slumber, languid
Yis'u - will carry
Al eim haderech - at the crossroads (a figure of speech; Eim = mother, literally)
Itonim - newspapers
Yeshanim - old
Ve'anan - and a cloud

Bashanah habaah - next year...
Nifros - we will spread (open out)
Kapot - palms - plural (kaf = spoon; palm of a hand or sole of a foot)
Yadayim - hands
Mul - against, across from
Ha'or - the light
Hanigar - spilling over
Halavan - the white (masculine adjective)

Anafah - heron
Levanah - white (feminine adjective)
Tifros - will spread
Ba'or - in the light
K'nafayim- wings
Vehashemesh - and the sun (feminine)
Tizrach - will shine
Betochan - through them

English - singable

Next Year

Verse 1:
Soon the day will arrive when we will be together, and no longer will we (man) live in fear.
And the children will smile, without wond'ring whether
On that day dark new clouds will appear.

Verse 2:
Some (Men) have dreamed, some (men) have died, to make a bright tomorrow
And their visions remain in our heart.
Now the torch must be passed with hope and not in sorrow
And a promise to make a new start.

Wait and see, wait and see, what a world there can be
If we share, if we care, you and me...

English - singable

Next Year

Seasons come, seasons go,
But people never seem to know
How long it will rain, it will shine
Let them ask what will be
It doesn't mean a thing to me
I'll know what to do when you're mine

Any time of the year, I can look in your eyes
and the rain in the sky doesn't fall
Any time of the year, I can look in your eyes
there is sunshine in no time at all

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