Pizmon #1
Banu LeHa'ir T'a'ir, eh oh,
MiChefah ve'ad Kahir, eh oh
kol echad yachol lashir, eh oh
yachad mapilim t'a'kir, eh oh.
End Pizmon #1

Hashmuah barechovot omeret
yesh lanu lahit, chomer
mekomi ba'atifa beinle'umit.
Kazablanka ad jameikah
mesharim itanu kav, lama
lechakot, kablu et zeh achshav.

Pizmon #2
Kulam, chof el chof veyam el
yam, ha'olam kol kach katan.
zerem kar, haketzev cham,
ten mila anachnu kan, lo
tzarich kartis tisah, ein
selektor baknisah.
Po kulam orchei kavod,
yesh tamid makom le'od.
Tnu li od, tnu li od.
Tnu li od, tnu li od.
End Pizmon #2

Pizmon #1

Mamshichim tamid kadimah
mivtalim kol takalah.
Muzikah nigmeret, az
nachzor lehatchalah.
Ein kafeh shelo hafachnu,
Ein moshav shelo yakum,
Keta olami, lo lo
tzarich targum.

Pizmon #2

Osim et zeh, osim et zeh,
osim et zeh shuv,
hamanginah shemitlabeshet
al haguf hachashuv.
Vehatupim shemilemata
magi'im baktanah, eich
lishniyah lo histaklatam
kol habit hashtanah.
Milematah metapeset
Mechapeset, mehaseset.
Kol ha'ir kvar bamirpeset
Eish hidlaknu tistaklu
Kulam, kvar beinyan,
lama at mechakah?
Kulam, kvar al hagal,
az lemah mafsikah?
Kulam, hayom itanu,
tenasi gam at
Kulam, itanu meMiami
ad Eilat.

Pizmon #2

Pizmon #1 3x

shake, shake shake
shake, shake shake



We came to wake up the city
from Haifa to Cairo
everyone can sing
together we'll make the wall drop

The rumour in the streets says we have a hit
local stuff in the cover of international.
Casablanca to Jamaica allign with us.
Why wait, accept it now.

Everyone, shore to shore and sea to sea,
the world is so-so small.
Cold flow, the rhythm is hot, say a word and we're here.
You don't need a ticket, there's no one selecting at the front.
Here everyone's a guest of honour, there's always room for more.
Give me more, give me more.

So, we came to wake up the city...

We always continue forward, we cancel any problem.
The music ends, so we go back to the start.
There's no coffee we didn't flip, no spo that didn't get up,
world segment, no no need for translation.

Everyone, shore to shore and sea to sea...
Give me more, give me more...

Doing it, doing it, doing it again.
The tune that gets dressed on the important body.
And the drums below are getting here little by little.
As you didn't look for a second, the whole beat changed.
From below climbing, searching, hesitating.
The whole city is already on the balcony, they saw what we lit
(everyone's) already in it, why are you waiting?
(everyone's) already on the roof, so why do you stop?
(everyone's) with us today, so you try too
(everyone's) with us from Miami to Eilat

Everyone, shore to shore and sea to sea...

We came to wake up the city...

So, we came to ...
from Haifa...
everyone can sing
together we'll make the wall drop
shake, shake, shake
shake, shake, shake

באנו להעיר ת'עיר

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Nir Mamon
Momi Levi
Momi Levi
Victor Gabay

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Words translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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