Yesh balagan bas'vivah
tarim yadayim chazak
hayom ani me'usheret

yesh balagan bas'vivah
hamesibah mat'chilah
ani kol kach me'ohevet

Hamelech higi'a,
kol hakahal yode'a
halailah mutar lehish'tachrer

beyachad lismo'ach
ad shemachar yagi'a
yesh ahavah bechinam

Halailah, halailah kulanu mishpachah

halailah hazeh kulo simchah
yadayim lemalah,
ani kvar shikorah
halailah hazeh kulo mazal tov

Yesh balagan bas'vivah
veyesh harbeh ahavah
kulam yafim k'mo beseret

el hashamaim koftzim
laga'at ba'ananim
uva'einaim yesh shemesh

Ha'osher zore'ach,
halev sheli pore'ach
ani kuli shelcha
beyachad lismo'ach
ad shemachar yagi'a...

Halailah, halailah...



There's chaos mess around us
Raise your hands up in the air
Today I am full of happiness

There's chaos around us
The party is starting
I am so much in love

The king has arrived,
all the audience knows
Tonight it is ok to loosen up, (be free to have fun)

Together to be happy, celebrating,
until tomorrow comes
Love is free

Tonight, tonight all of us are a family
(united as a family)

This night is full with happiness
Hands up (raise your hands up) in the air,
I am all ready drunk
This night is full of good luck, good fortune

There's chaos around us
And there's a lot of love
Everybody's looking beautiful, like in a movie

To the sky they are jumping,
To touch the sky, the clouds above
And sun is shining in our eyes

Happiness, shines (illuminates),
my heart blossoms, flourishing (my heart is like a flower)
To shout, to scream out loud,
that I am all yours.
Together to be happy, to be rejoice,
until tomorrow comes

Tonight, tonight....

Hebrew words

Tal Segev & Ya'akov Laame'i
Tal Segev & Ya'akov Laame'i
Sarit Hadad
Ze SheShomer Alai Track 9
Oren Ashkenazi & Eli Segal

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Kaveh of Tehran, Iran.
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