Hem hitkad'mu le'at. Hakol hayah ragu'a.
Mineged hanahar vegome merash'resh
pit'om ra'am barak,
echad tza'ak: patzu'a!
Ani kvar ba - anah lo hachovesh.
Alinu al mokesh! tza'ak az hapatzu'a,
ani kan, letzid'cha - anah lo hachovesh.

Barad shel esh nitach,
barad kaved katu'a,
me'ever lanahar, lagome harochesh.
Hash'iru oti kan - bikesh az hapatzu'a,
azov shtuyot
- anah az/lo hachovesh.
Tatzil et atzmecha - bikesh az hapatzu'a.
Ani nish'ar itcha - anah lo hachovesh.

Vehem not'ru shneihem,
vehasadeh patu'ach.
Vehem not'ru shneihem,
vehem g'luim la'esh.
Anachnu avudim
- milmel az hapatzu'a,
echoz bi tov
- anah lo hachovesh.
Niftzata gam atah
- milmel az hapatzu'a
azov, zeh lo nora
- anah lo hachovesh.

Ha'esh k'vedah, k'vedah! Kasheh, kasheh lanu'a.
Rak lo lehitya'esh, rak lo lehitya'esh,
ez'kor otcha tamid
- nishba az hapatzu'a.
Rak lo lipol- milmel az hachovesh.
Shelcha ad yom motcha
- nishba az hapatzu'a.
Hayom hu yom moti
- anah lo hachovesh.

Pit'om anan avak, pit'om altah haru'ach,
vetzel al hakarka,
ve'hu karev, ro'esh.
Nitzalnu! Hem ba'im!
- yibev az hapatzu'a,
ach lo shama milah min hachovesh.
Achi, achi sheli!
- yibev az hapatzu'a.
Me'ever lanahar hagome merash'resh,
achi, achi sheli
achi, achi sheli


They slowly advanced. Everything was calm.
Against the river, with the reeds rustling
suddenly a lightning bolt roared,
and one [person] yelled out: [I'm] wounded!
I'm coming - the medic replied to him.
We went over a mine! the wounded yelled,
I'm here, by your side - the medic replied to him.

A hail of fire is coming down,
a heavy fragmentary hail,
across the river, to the murmuring reeds
Leave me here - the wounded requested,
leave the non-sense
- the medic then answered him.
Save yourself - the wounded requested.
I'm staying with you - the medic answered him.

And the two remained alone,
and the field was open.
And the two remained alone,
exposed to the fire.
We are [about to] perish
- the wounded then muttered,
hold me well
- the medic answered him.
You were wounded too
- the wounded them muttered
never mind, it's not too bad
- the medic answered him.

The fire is very heavy! It's very hard to move.
Just don't despair, just don't despair,
I'll always remember you
- the wounded then pledged.
Just don't fall - the medic then muttered.
I'm yours till the day you die
- the wounded then pledged.
Today's the day I die
- the medic answered him.

Suddenly a dust cloud, suddenly the wind rose,
and a shaddow over the ground,
it approached loudly.
We're saved! They're coming!
- the wounded then whimpered,
but he did not hear a word out of the medic.
My brother, my very brother!
- the wounded then whimpered.
Across the river, the reeds are rustling,
my brother, my very brother
my brother, my very brother
my brother!!!

Photo of Artist & Hebrew words

Dan Almagor
Effi Netzer
Yehoram Gaon

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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