Avi, avi, hagidah na li:
Madu'a halailah shachor ve'afeil,
Veruach masi'a kir'ei arafel?

Afeil, yaldi, halailah afeil,
Veruach over umesaper sodotav
Al av shemarad im chameishet banav.

Hageid avi, mei'ayin alah
Mei'ayin alah halapid habo'eir,
Velamah yarutz bedarko v'ymaheir?

Alah yaldi, alah halapid
Mis'dot Modi'in el mish'ol hak'varim,
Lezera' kulo shalhavot ve'orim.

Ve'ei hash'vil, ayei hamish'ol,
Ayei hamish'ol zeh atik hadorot
Bo ratz halapid vezore'a orot?

Behar, begai, over hamish'ol
Mim'rom haGalil ad Eilat vehayam,
Al sdot giborim shenaflu al charbam.

Ve'od avi, emor li rak zot:
Madu'a halailah, mikol haleilot,
Zorchim ha'orim um'rabim la'alot?

Midor lador, yaldi, zeh ha'ot:
Zore'ach ha'or ve'oleh um'havhevet
Balailah hazeh, leil kaf-heh beKislev.

Father, father, tell me please
Why this night is dark and gloomy
And on the wind come veils of mist?

'Tis dark, my child, the night is dark,
And the blowing wind its secrets tells,
Of a father and five sons who did rebel.

Tell me father, whence arose
Whence arose the flaming torch,
And why in haste it runneth forth?

The torch, my child, arose
From the fields of Modiin to the trail of the tombs
Of a dynasty covered in flames and light.

And where lies this path, this trail,
Where lies this ancient trail of ages,
Of the running torch that gives light in stages?

On hill and vale passes the trail
From the heights of Galilee to Eilat and the sea
Over fields where heroes on their swords did fall.

Father, just one more detail I'd know:
Why on this night, of all nights,
So many lights so brightly glow?

From generation to generation, my son, 'tis the sign:
The light shines, shimmers and rises high
On this night, the night of Kislev 25th.


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Oded Avissar
Moshe Vilensky

Words transliterated and translated by Gila Ansell Brauner of Jerusalem, Israel.
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