Kol hachalonot halayla ptuchim
Kol halevavot halayla shvurim
Vechol hamilim hayafot
Le'at le'at nishlafot benenu
Ushnenu asufim

Mishehu boche halayla lakarit
Mishehu boche halayla leyadi
Vechol hashirim hatovim
Tzov'im nekudot vekavim alenu
Ushneinu asufim

Zman shemevaker etzlenu avar
Shir shehu katav li
Kvar hu shar
Hazman yechake ad hasof
Ve'az negale et hatov
Shnenu asufim

Kmo yare'ach shelo nigmar
Ha'or chazar elai
Kmo hashir she'ata kotev
El toch halev


All the windows are opened tonight
All the hearts are broken tonight
And all the beautiful words
Slowly slowly are pulled out between us
And both of us are waifs

Someone is crying into the pillow tonight
Someone is crying next to me tonight
And all the good songs
Draw dots and lines on us
And both of us are waifs

Time visiting us has passed
A song he wrote for me
He already sings
Time will wait till the end
And then we will discover the good
Between us
both of us are waifs

Like a never ending moon
Light came back to me
Like the song you are writing
Into the heart

Moti Pearlman
Uri Zach
Miri Masika
Shalom La'emunot Track 19

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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