Holech ani ka'et bemish'ol hahoveh
keyeled haholech lo le'ibud
kapot yadai hen mushatot
mevak'shot et ha'ezrah leham'shich itach et hamas'a
uvatz'dadim haprachim ke'ilu ibdu et zehutam
mechapsim od keren or sheta'azor
od legimah k'tanah shel mayim
mima'ayanei hachoch'mah
tavi lahem et hatikvah

Arim roshi,
esa einai el heharim bamer'chakim
vekoli yishama keze'akah,
ket'filat ha'adam
velibi yikra
me'ayin yavo ezri

Over ani ka'et bein nofim chadashim
hatza'adim hem na'asim ko iti'im
mah yesh sham she'ein po
sha'al oti over
mah balev atah shomer
k'shish ha'ir kshe'al gabo munach kol avaro
mabit saviv umechapes et olamo
k'shehahoveh kol kach kasheh
lo omer davar,
arim roshi el hamachar

Arim roshi...


I walk now in the path of the present
like a child walking into oblivion
my hands are extended
asking for help to continue the journey with you
and on the sides the flowers as though they lost their identity
searching for a ray of light that would help
another small gulp of water
from the wells of wisdome
that will bring them the hope

I will raise my head,
I'll lift my eyes to the mountains in the distance
and my voice will be heard as a scream,
as a prayer of a human
and my heart will call out
"where will my help come from"

I pass now between new landscapes
the steps are taken so slowly
what is there that is not here
I asked a passer-by
what do you guard in your heart
the city senior whose whole past rests on his back
glances around and looks for his world
when the present is so hard
he doesn't say a word,
I will raise my head toward tomorrow

I will raise my head...

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Shai Gabso
Ahuva Ozeri & Moshe Da'abol
Shai Gabso
Arim Roshi Track 5

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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