Ani osah li manginot atzuvot
lesame'ach et libi kshe'atzuv li
ve'ashot li kach bein hatz'lilim
lemala lemata, k'mo bein galim.

Ani osah li manginot alizot
hen k'mo d'vash matok matok al haboker
uvarosh etzli k'mo tziporim
shemezamrot bli milim.

Shirim be'la la la im hashemesh ha'olah
be Re, mah she'lo yikreh
Fa, Fa, Fa, ve'od onah chalfah
Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, lashir bekol gadol.

Shirim be'la la la laboker hanifla
be Re, leyeled shebocheh
Fa, Fa, Fa, shki'ah kazot yafah
Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, vezeh od lo hakol.

Ani osah li manginot ahuvot
shetihyena rak sheli kol halailah
uk'mo yayin tov yashan noshan
eshmor nichochan betzilo shel hazman.

Ani osah li manginot matanot
lach eten she ahavah
al yadech ekshor otan tzamid
vekach sheli eten tamid.

Nashir be'la la la, be'etzev, begilah
Mi, im ein ani li mi
Si, Si, Si, atah li rak sheli
Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol,
hakol bechol mikol.

Shirim be'La,La, La, im hashemesh ha'olah....
Shirim be'La, La, La, laboker hanifla...


I write sad melodies to myself
to cheer my heart up when it is sad
I would set sail between the sound
up, down, like in between waves.

I write joyful melodies to myself
they are like honey, sweet, sweet, in the morning
and in my head they are like birds
that sing without words.

Songs in La, La, La, with a rising sun
In Re, whatever it will not happen
Fa, Fa, Fa, and another season went by
Do Re Mi Fa Sol, sing out loud.

Songs in La, La, La to the wonderful morning
In Re, to the boy who is crying
Fa, Fa, Fa, to such a beautiful sunset
Do Re Mi Fa Sol, and thatís not all.

I write to myself loved melodies
that will be only mine all night long
and they are like a good wine old, very old
that keeps its aroma in the shadow of time.

I write to myself melodies presents
to you I will give the present of love
as something to remember
on your hand I will tie the bracelet
and thatís how I will give mine forever.

We will sing in La , in sorrow and in joy
mi, if I am not to myself who
si si si, you are only for me
do re mi fa sol,
everything in everything from everywhere.

Songs in La, La, La, with a rising sunÖ
Songs in La, La, La to the wonderful morning

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Yair Klinger
Yair Klinger
Lehakat Sexta
Sexta Gold
Raaya Spivak

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Cecilia Hanono of California, USA.
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