Im atah holech
ulai bichlal adif she'lo tach'zor
ani eshpoch betoch/beton
ve'e'eseh mish'tach miyam shikor

Ani ani ani
iti ve'im atzmi
nichyeh chaim shel yatzivut
achshav atah mabsut

Ani ohevet otcha
k'mo tamid ani itcha
vehalev sheli muchan lechol inyan
Ani ohevet otcha
bein kishalon lehatz'lachah
ani kan gam ksheko'ev umesukan
ani nish'eret kan

Im atah holech
ani asim hakol bimegerot
zichronot chaim
yish'aru k'fuim betoch t'munot

Atah atah atah
tihyeh im atzmecha
ulai atah tihyeh mabsut
ulai hakol ta'ut


Alt. verses:
Im atah holech
yihyeh li mesudar habalagan
tevater achshav
ted'a sheletamid atah pachdan

Im ein ani li mi
k'mo kol pitgam stami
lo neta'er et hab'didut
levad tihyeh mabsut

Im atah holech
ani ezkor otcha betor chalom
ani akum levad
atah tach'zor ve'lo yihyeh makom

Ani atah ani
beincha levein atzmi
tagid zeh lo k'tzat anochi
lik'lo'a mitochi


If you are leaving
maybe it's better that you don't come back
I will pour inside/concrete
and I'll make a bunker from a drunk sea

Me me me
with me and with myself
we'll live a life of stability
now you are satisfied

I love you
as always I'm with you
and my heart is ready for any issue
I love you
from failure to success
I'm here even when it hurts or it is dangerous
I'm staying here

If you are leaving
I will put everything in archives
eternal memories
will remain frozen in pictures

You you you
be with yourself
maybe you'll be satisfied
maybe it's all a mistake


Alt. verses:
If you are leaving
the chaos will get fixed for me
give up now
and know that you're scared forever

If I don't have me, who
is like any random expression
we won't express the loneliness
alone you'll be satisfied

If you are leaving
I'll remember you as a dream
I'll get up alone
you'll return but there won't be a spot

Me you me
between you and myself
tell me it's not a bit selfish
to trap from within me

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Kobi Oz
Kobi Oz
Gali Atari
Shlomo Maman

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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