Ani gitara
Haru'ach menagen alai
Bechilufei onot
Ani gitara
Mishehu poret alai
Bechilufei hamanginot.

K'shemitchashek li leflartet
Ani potze'ach bedu'et
Gam im zeh trio o quartet
Zeh lo mafri'a.

Al mish'betzot adom lavan
Esh'kol bashel al hashulchan
Ve'agasim d'muyei sezam
Ve'gam sangriah.

Ani gitarah...

Ani siman, ani edut
Layedidut velab'didut
Ve'gam bemish'olei yaldut
Etz'ad lavetach.

Harpatka'ot tzo'aniot
Bametosim, ba'oniot
Veta'uyot tziv'oniot
Al p'nei/kol hashetach.

Ani gitarah...

Mah shenoge'a lavanot,
Yesh heskemim, yesh havanot
Ve'ein li, ein li ta'anot
Gam lo hayu li.

Lo hitya'ashti miyamai
Ki mah she'lo karah bemay
Yikreh be'ezrat hashem vadai
(gam) beyuni yuli.

Ani gitarah
Hayiti pa'am etz ulai
Uveteivat hatehudah
Ani zocher et
Kol mi shenigen alai
Va'ani omer


A guitar am I
The wind plays on me
When the seasons change
A guitar am I
Someone always strums on me
When the melodies change

To flirt with someone I met
I'll start singing a duet
Or even a trio or quartet
It doesn't matter

On the squares of white and red
A drink will soon be set
And I"ll drink any that I get
But Sangria's better

A guitar am I ....

I have a sign and an excuse
To be friendly or a recluse
Or a silly children's ruse
For these I'm fated

About gypsy stories I often croon
Or of ships or of balloons
Funny mistakes I will lampoon
That's why I'm created

A guitar am I....

As for women that I knew
There are standards and rules too
And complaints, there are a few
But they're small in number

Dejected? That wasn't me at all
What didn't happen in the fall
Will surely happen after all
In the summer

A guitar am I
I may have been a tree
In me it resonates anew
I recall
everyone who played on me
And I say
'Thank you'

אני גיטרה

Hebrew words

Benny Amdursky sings in tribute to Naomi Shemer

Naomi Shemer
Naomi Shemer
Yisrael Gurion
Benny Amdursky
Gidi Raveh
Dudu Tassa
Right On Time (2004) Track 11
Naomi Shemer CDs
Oren Halaly

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