Shanim kulam sho'alim
lamah bati lepo,
yashavti vechashavti vechakarti
ech bichlal heg'ati lepo?
aba amar saba vesavta
azvu hakol veba'u lepo,
va'ani haneshamah sheli po,
shorashim ba'adamah sheli po,
shehitchalti ligdol,
az, hitchalti lish'ol,
Imaleh, ta'ani,
lo hevanti
ech zeh sheheg'anu lepo?
Ima amrah saba vesavta
azvu hakol vaba'u lepo,
ach sheli banah olam po,
hadodim vahadodot kulam po.

Anu am echad, im oto chalom,
yachad la'ad, chayim miyom leyom,
anu am echad, yesh lanu makom,
az tnu la'ahavah reg'a linshom.


Ve'im atem sho'alim,
az ani oneh bekanut,
shum davar bacha'im
lo yachzir ta'am sheli legalut,
avru me'ot shanim
ad sheyatz'anu
me'avdut lecherut,
betach she'lo bekalut,
belibi betochi zeh charut,
ani gadalti kan (kan),
lo chozer lesham (sham)
chevreh ta'aminu
she'oti gam dam lo yaziz mikan,
hakrovim, hachaverim, hayeladim,
kol davar sheyakar li kan,
chaval lekulam al hazman,
ani kan velo ne'elam.



For years everyone's been asking
why I came here,
I sat and thought and researched
how indeed did I get here?
Dad said Grandpa and Grandma
left everything and came here,
me and my soul are here,
roots are in the ground here,
as I began to grow,
then I began to ask
Mommy, answer,
I didn't understand
how did we get here?
Mom said Grandpa nad Grandma
left everything and came here,
my brother built a world here,
uncles and aunts, all are here.

We are one nation, with the same dream,
together forever, living from day to day,
we are one nation, we have a place
so give love a moment to breathe.


And if you're asking,
then I answer in honesty,
nothing in life
willl return my desire for exile,
hundreds of years passed
until we went
from slavery to freedom,
surely not easily,
in my heart, inside me it's engraved,
I grew up here,
I'm not going back there
believe me gang
that even blood won't move me from here,
relatives, friends, children
all things dear to me are here,
it's a waste of everyone's time,
I'm here and I'm not disappearing.


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Gabriel "Archie" Butler, Subliminal and Lior Almalich
Gabriel "Archie" Butler, Subliminal, Lior Almalich and Ron Tichon
Gabriel "Archie" Butler and Lior Almalich
TACT-All Stars Track 16
Karina Lambert 2006

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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