Chalamnu al atid meshutaf
haolam itach he'ir li
kamah tov lanu hayah
mikol rega shel shneinu beyachad
lo he'emanti shekach zeh nigmar
nisiti kol mah she'efshar
dibarti itach velach lo hit'im
chashavti mischak shel ohavim.

Hazman over at lo onah
va'ani noseh tfilah
nishba'at she'at li le'olam
tid'i lach nafshi bochiyah

Al chevel dak holech rotzeh
otach iti, kmo ru'ach se'arah
at me'ifa oti, gam hakavod azav
hu lo kiyem etzli
At kmo elokim hayom bishvili.

Balaila ani margish meyutam
muli dmutech koret li
libi yotzeh elayich achshav
nichna ani leyofyech he'emini
ani lo yachol lehishtachrer
elai chizri maher, muzar li
me'od she'at lo iti
at or le'enai, ho yafati.

Hazman over...

Pizmon 2x


We dreamed of a
common future
The world with you
enlightened me
How good it was for us
From every moment of the
two of us together
I couldn't believe it
ended like this, I
tried everything possible
I talked to you and it
did not suit you, I
thought a game of lovers.

Time passes and you
do not answer
And I say a prayer
You swore that you'll
be mine forever
you know that my soul
is crying.

On a thin rope going
to want you with me
Like a stormy wind
you blow me away
Even the dignity has left,
it doesn't exist in me
you are like G-d today
for me.
End Chorus

At night I feel orphaned
Facing me, your image
is calling to me
My heart goes out
to you now, I surrender
to your beauty, believe me
I can't get out, come back
to me quickly. It's very
strange to me that you
are not with me, you are
a light to my eyes,
oh, my beauty.

Time passes and...

Chorus 2x

Hebrew words

Yosi Ben David
Nisim Meri
Eyal Golan
Chords to this song
Yaniv Zairi

Words transliterated and translated by Howard Wachtel of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
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