Yom yom kshe'at overet kan betesha
anu lach shor'kim min hasulam
veta'amini lanu - zehu pesh'a
she'at lo otzeret me'olam
kshe'at loveshet et hasimlah ha'adumah
az babinyan lefet'a tzomachat od komah
velu yad'u hapigumim lashir
ki az sham'u otam bechol ha'ir.

At ulai k'tanah
aval k'tefeinu eitanah,
vekol chiyuch shelach etzleinu chag
yesh lach po inyan im po'alei binyan
she'ohavim otach ad rosh hagag.

At meshaga'at po et kol hano'ar
at yafah bechol hatis'rokot
kshe'at overet be'akev gavoha
at shavah symphonia shel sh'rikot
k'shemabitim lematah migovah hamanof
zo at shemekashetet bishvileinu et hanof
imri milah unetapes ish ish
min hakomah ha'asirit lak'vish

At ulai k'tanah...

Im gam hayom taf'ni eleinu oref
anu nedaber im hakablan
venishava lo she'ad sof hachoref
lo nuchal lig'mor et habinyan
ach im ta'ifi henah mabat echad katzar
miyad tir'i she'anu gomrim oto machar
umin hagag habana'im shelach
belev ohev yashlichu perach lach.

At ulai k'tanah...



Every day when you pass by at 9:00
We whistle at you from the ladder
And believe me – it’s a crime
That you never stop.
When you wear your red dress
The building suddenly gains another story
And if the scaffolds only knew how to sing
They could be heard all over the city.

You may be small
But we have strong shoulders,
And your every smile is cause for celebration
You’ve got a thing going here with the construction workers
Who love you to the very rooftop.

You’re driving the young folks crazy here
You’re pretty in all your hairdos
When you pass by in high heels
You are worth a symphony of whistles
When we look down from the crane
It is you who adorns our view
Say the word and every man of us will leap
From the tenth floor to the street

You may be small…

If today again you give us the cold shoulder
We’ll speak with the contractor
And swear that until the end of winter
We can’t finish the building
But if you throw us a brief glance
You’ll immediately see that we complete it tomorrow
And from the roof your construction workers
With a loving heart will toss you a flower.

You may be small…

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Naomi Shemer
Naomi Shemer
Arik Einstein
Shlishiat Gesher Hayarkon

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Leslie (Ariela Rosen) Levy of Syosset, NY, USA.
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