Bir'gaim shel atzevet k'shenafshi mitatefet
yesh li et t'munatech miy'mei neuraich
bir'gaim sheka'eleh nishmati meyachelet
et kol hazichronot shehotart acharaich

Zot haytah t'kufah yafah
shel simcha ve'ahavah
at hayit olami he'enakt li osher
at hayit chalomi he'enakt li osher

Lachaim k'shenizraknu,
zeh mizot hitrachaknu
at avart mikan lemakom lo yadu'a
vehazman shechalaf avar lo
alumeinu shetafat lo
uch'mo hakol nim'chak
venotar haga'agu'a

Zot haytah t'kufah yafah...


In moments of sadness when my soul wraps itself
I have your picture from the days of your youth
in moments like these my soul hopes for
the memories that you left behind

That was a beautiful time
of joy and love
you were my world and granted happiness
you were my dream and granted me happiness

The life that we were thrown into,
we went apart from one another
you moved from here to an unknown place
and time went by
our youth went by
oh how everything is erased
(only) the yearning remains

That was a beautiful time...

Photo of Artist & Hebrew words

Yosh Granot
Kobi Peretz

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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