Elaich shuv nose'a
uch'var mitga'age'a
rotzeh otach kol rega
le'ehov bli sof
zo ahavah acheret
k'mo esh etzli bo'eret
rotzeh itach lalechet
ad hasof

Pa'am at ohevet
pa'am at ko'eset
ve'aleinu lo mevateret
lo bore'ach ve'lo shoche'ach
yesh ahavah vehi tenatze'ach

Hakol kim'at avarnu
gam tov gam ra yad'anu
lehisha'er nishbanu
yachad le'olam
elech rak acharaich
esh'mor al tze'adaich
lo avater alaich

Pa'am at ohevet...


I'm on the way to you again
and already longing for you
I want you every moment
to love without an end
it's a different love
like the fire burning by my side
I want to go with you
to the end

Sometimes you're loving
sometimes you're mad
but not giving up on us
I'm not running away or forgetting
that ther'es love and it will win

We went through almost everything
we knew good and bad too
we swore to stay
together forever
I will go only after you
I will guard your steps
I will not give up on you

Sometimes you're loving...

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Chuli Zakai
Folk - Greek
Kobi Peretz
Everything I've Got (2006) Track 6

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