Pose'a bash'vilim
bli ya'ad uvli matarah
at hayit kol chalomi, kol chayay
otzem me'at et ha'einaim
uviche'ev choshev alaich, ahuvah.

Ananim k'vedim
kisu et hashamaim
misaviv hakol shaket
kol kach vekar
rak haru'ach shenoshevet
lechol ever mefazeret
et kol t'filotai.

Ani shar lach et hashir
mitoch haneshamah
bidma'ot katavti lach
milah ve'od milah
at lo ma'aminah
sheyesh od ahavah kenah
shemitchazeket bechol rega
uv'chol mach'shavah.

Be'oto makom omed
umechakeh lach
venidmeh li shehazman
k'mo ne'etzar
meshalev et hayadaim
rotzeh otach karov elai


I'm walking on paths
without a objective or aim
you were my whole dream, my whole life
I close my eyes little by little
and in pain I think of you, my love.

Heavy clouds
covered the sky
around everything is quiet
so much, and it is cold
only the wind that blows
spreading to each direction
all my prayers.

I sing the song to you
from within my soul
in tears I wrote to you
word by word
you don't believe
that there is still honest love
that gets stronger by each moment
and with each thought.

I stand in the same spot
and wait for you
and the time seems to me
as though stopped
I fold my arms
I want you to be near,
back with me.

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Yochai Erez
Yochai Erez
Shimi Tavori
Narya Chovev
Doron Meiran
Israel Shiker

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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