[Verse 1]
The sun shining on your beard shines
And even when it beats down on the glow of your sweat
Like the sleeping moon leaning against a star
To me, you're the Milky Way

[Verse 2]
Our home is a calm, a remedy for any pain
Even if I keep walking he will stay close
Like a lighthouse at night holding a scepter of light
To him, I will know how to come back

Love, love, love, love

[Verse 3]
And when you're hungry and that's most important
I will lead you to be full, you'll be happy again
Like a flowering flower pot dreaming of a river
For me, you are rain in the desert

Love, love, love, love

[Verse 4]
And if it is sad and nothing remains
Both good and evil are known to pass
Like a shipwreck in the heart of the depths
We'll have two beats

Love, love, love, love

American-style country folk band in Hebrew
Jane Bordeaux - Love (Youtube link)

Jane Bordeaux
From her 2nd album Mah Chashuv Track 3

Words translated by Parry Hess of Brooklyn, New York, USA.
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