Lo tir'i al panai im ani ohev
lo tir'i be'einai im ani ko'ev
lo tir'i oti mezil dim'ah
lo tir'i oti boded al hagiv'ah

Hayah lach yam shel zman rak legalot
natashti lema'anech et kol ha'ahavot

Ahavah amitit lake'ev noldah
ahavah amitit rak balev yaldah
k'mo ha'esh baneshamah et gufi sarfah
le'olam lo emtza et ha'ahavah

Lo amarti af pa'am bo'i acharai
kol chayay ta'amti et mach'ovai
rak lach katavti, katavti badim'ah
nafshi hako'evet rak tza'ar yad'ah


You won't see on my face if I love (you)
you won't see in my eyes if I'm hurting
you won't see me shed a tear
you won't see me lonely on a hill

You had a lot of time only to discover
I abandoned all my loves for you

Real love was born to the pain
real love is only in the heart, girl
as the fire in my soul burnt my body
I will never find the love

I never said come after me
all my life I've tasted my suffering
I only wrote you, wrote with tears
my hurting soul only knew sorrow

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Dani Shoshan
Ofer Levi

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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