Odem shki'ah me'al hamayim
sipur echad she'lo nigmar.
Yaldati azvah lifnei yomaim
itah hayiti me'ushar.

Beleilot karim ekra bishmah
hi nimtzet beharpatkah acheret
kibalti al atzmi et ha'ashmah
gam im hi tamid bi nilchamah.

Ahava acheret, ahavat olam
chaki ad she'agia ad elaich
Ahava acheret zoremet li badam
chaki ad she'epol lizro'otaich...

Lailah shachor, shaktah haru'ach
sipur pashut shehistabech.
Hi azvah oti biglal viku'ach
leyom echad shehit'arech.

Baleilot kasheh lihyot levad
hi matz'ah lah ahavah acheret
chashavti shehayiti ha'echad
chashavti she'echyeh ita la'ad.

Ahava acheret, ahavat olam...


Ruby sunrise over the water,
one story that did not end.
My girl left me two days ago
with her I was happy.

On cold nights I'll call her name
she's in another adventure
I took the blame upon myself
even if she always fought me.

Another love, forever love
wait till I come to you
Another love is flowing in my blood
wait till I fall in your arms.

A black night, the wind calmed down
a simple story that got complicated.
She left me because of a fight
to a day that got prolonged.

At night it's hard to be alone,
she found herself another love
I thought I was the one
I thought I'll live with her forever.

Another love, forever love...

Hebrew words

Ze'ev Nechamah
Ze'ev Nechamah & Tamir Kaliski
Eyal Golan
Histakli Elai Track 6

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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