Ein li ba'olam ahavah acheret
El chalom yashan noseh et et einai
Ksheh atah lo kan ani nishberet
Belibi od bo eret ha'esh

Eich halev nichbash im ishah acheret
Eich atah lo chash et kol yesurai
Ten li rak od z man ve'emtzah li derech
Lehamshich lechapes et chayai

Lo lehishaber
Lechazek et libi
Hamitkazeh lehitgaber
Lo lehizacher
Ani shayechet
Lemishahu acher

Kmo aleh nidaf afah im haru'ach
Eich dim'ah shvurah chozeret elai
Kshehakol karah halachti al batuach
Lo ra'iti otcha mul enai

Rak im tevakesh eheyeh acheret
Rak im tirtzeh esheneh et chayai
Od chalom niflah me'aved kol erech
Ki atah shuv rechok shuv lo kan



I don't have a different love in the world,
to the old dream I take my eyes,
when you're not here, I break down
in my heart the fire still burns

How the heart is captured with another woman
how you don't feel all my states
just give me more time and
I'll find my way to continue to search for my life.

Don't break,
strengthen my heart
it gets hard to overcome,
don't forget
I belong
to someone else.

Like a fallen leaf, I'm flying with the wind,
like a broken tear, I'm returning to myself.
As it all happened, I walked in confident.
I didn't see you in front of my eyes.

Only if you ask, I'll be different.
Only if you want, I'll change my life.
Still a wonderful dream loses its worth, as you are again far, again not here.


Hebrew words

Shmu'el Elbaz
Shmu'el Elbaz
Sarit Hadad
Kmo Sinderelah (Like Cinderella) Track 9

Words transliterated and translated by Erik Alberts of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
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