Mimitbachah halavan
oto kumkum kore lah
basifriah shebasalon
yesh Alterman uPen
ve'al hakan hamugbah
tziur harim vasela
ud'mut teimaniah posa'at lah haken.

Ba'aronah hakaved
simlot k'tifah vameshi
uveteivat hatach'shitim kol agilei damar
bechalonah hakatan
tzipor hashir yoreshet
et kol hanigunim asher aviha shar.

Hazameret miTeiman
shoshanat ha'argaman
magishah kalaniot veshir halel
ulecha ha'ish hashar
al kol agilei damar
hi mazkeret ad me'eretz yisrael.

Mul habimot hag'vohot
oto kahal kore lah
umigronah omrim
shirah admon uze'ira
ve'al hakan hamugbah
tavim rabim lefele
vechol milot hashir
asher itah nivra.

Ba'aronah hakaved...

Hazameret miteiman...

Uvamizmor hago'eh
nishmat nesich hazemer
asher hayah lah lema'or baderech ha'olah
vehi elav lehavah
hi et shirav oremet
lezer echad gadol le'ahavah g'dolah.


From her white kitchen
The same kettle calls her
On the bookshelves in the lounge room
There is Alterman and Pen*
And on the raised-up stand
A painting of mountains and rock
And a shape of a Yemenite woman walking

In her heavy cupboard
Silk and velvet dresses
And in her jewellery box all of Damar’s earrings
In her small window
The singing bird inherits
All the melodies her father sang

The singer from Yemen
The purple rose
Serves Anemones** and a song of praise
And to you the man who sings
About all Damar’s earrings
It is an eternal memory from the land of Israel

In front of the highest stages
The same audience calls her
Admon and Ze’ira's poems*
are coming out of her throat
And on the raised up stand
A lot of wonderful notes
And all the words of the song
which was born with her

In her heavy cupboard.....

The singer from Yemen......

And in the song that gets stronger
The prince of song is heard
The one who was lit her way
She is a torch
for his songs
To one big bouquet of great love.

* Famous Israeli poets
**(Anemones or Kalaniyot in Hebrew is her most famous song)

Photo of Artist & Hebrew words

The song is very much about Shoshana Damari’s life. She was one of Israel’s greatest singers who always sang songs she loved, never giving in to the “modern” wave.

She was asked recently to sing two songs by Idan Raichel in his new CD “Mima’amakim” and praised him as a great creator.

She was famous for her long velvet and silk dresses, her long nails and her famous Yemenite-designed earrings. She was very talented and loved paintings. So the song is about her life and this is the way she should be remembered.

Chana Shuvaly Melbourne Australia.
Read about Shoshana Damari
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Dudu Barak
Yair Klinger
Yardena Arazi
Shmulik Gov Ari 1995

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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