d'latot panaich ne'ulot,
uvayamim - af pa'am lo ted'i.

Af pa'am lo ted'i,
kamah nas'ati biglalech,
d'rachim bechaf yadi,
d'rachim bechaf yadech.

Kol pa'am shematos o mashehu
noge'a bash'chakim,
ani shome'a nesi'ah,
al techaki.
Adam nifrad tamid mimashehu/mimishehu
ani zocher - bachit,
zeh meshuneh, ach yesh bi mashehu
she'lo makir.

Uvaleilot, tihi k'tuvah al chalomot,
uvayamim af pa'am lo ted'i.
Hazman hamehurhar
talui al hasha'on,
machog lechol davar,
kotzev et hasha'ot.

Kol pa'am she'ishah o mishehi
noga'at et hak'vish,
ani nizkar bach, umargish k'mo k'she...
hayit bi.
At yeshenah vadai, umishehu
noshem otach amok,
yadai einan yadei ha'ish hahu,
yadai hamikan'ot.

Uvaleilot -
at lo tir'i bachoshech...lo!
Uvayamim - af pa'am lo ted'i.
Besheket, k'mo ganav,
al behunot gufech
benedudei sheinah,
behirhurei hachet.

Tamid ani chashud bemashehu,
shoter medaber elai,
ha'im kedai lomar lo
she'ani levad?
Ufa'am k'shehakol yihyeh yoter pashut,
afilu hamilah,
omer lach mashehu she'lo nir'ah chashuv,
aval nishm'a nifla.


Doors of your face
are being closed every night
And in the daytime - you will never know

You'll never know how much
I've searched for you those days
Your palms are smooth but touch
My palms to feel my ways.

And every time a plane or something else
Is climbing up the skies
The road says: "Don't wait for him
Just close your eyes..."
A man does always part from somebody
Now I recall your tears
That's strange but something hides in me
And disappears.

And every night you will be starring in my dreams
And in the daytime you will never know
Despondent weight of time
The clock becomes your fate
Things are considered crime
If caused you being late.

And every time a girl or somebody
Pours on the road her light
I once again remember you and feel
You're inside...
You now sure sleep with somebody
Who loves and understands
He's breathing you; his hands undoubtedly
Are not my jealous hands.

And every night
you will be fully in the!
And in the daytime - you will never know
Your steps are really light
You're sneaking like a thief
To pass the sleepless night
Aware of the sin.

I'm always a suspect of something
A policeman stops me then
I wonder if I should complain to him
How lone I am.
When crazy will become once possible
And words will lose their weight
I'll tell you something irresponsible
But it will sound great.

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Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi

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