AFIFONIM - Shlomo Artzi


Afifonim hafchu pitom
lemetosim shel shir
Hayeled me'abed chalom
Hagever mishehi, ha`anashim
hem anashim?

Afilu kshe'at sham ani rotzeh
otach karov ke'ilu leyadi
Umashehu shesharta, ani
uva li shir
Ani holech ben habatim,
Machol iti.

Achar kach
mityashev lizkor
et yalduti,
aval matos afor
Mar`ish et kol hamachshavot
At sham?
Az eich uchal lavo?

Maflig bemetosim
nogei'a aratzot
Milim zarot,
hashemesh bakisim
Shetazkir li me'eifo tamid nos'im
al gav ha'afifon.

Ulai al gav ha'afifon
avo kedei
lomar lach et hashir
Aval ein chut lischov
Ein ru'ach bash'chakim
Hayeled shuv bocheh
hagever lo machkim.


Afifonim ba`im,
afifonim holchim
Hayeled she`hayiti,
hagever she`ani
Ulai gam at,
af pa`am lo hayit.


Kites suddenly turned into
airplanes of song
The child loses a dream.
The man, someone,
The people,
what are they from?

Even when you're there, I want
you close, as if by my side,
And something that you sang,
I remember,
and I wanted a song.
I'm walking between the houses,
A slow dance.

sitting down to remember
My childhood,
but a gray airplane
Shakes up all thoughts.
You're there,
so how can I come?

Sailing in planes
touching countries,
Foreign words,
the sun in the pockets,
Reminding me from where they
Always ride on the back of the kite.

Maybe on the back of the kite
I'll come
in order to tell you the song
But there is no string to pull,
There is no wind in the sky.
The boy cries again,
The man is not waiting.


Kites come,
kites go.
The boy I was,
the man I am.
Maybe you too, [maybe]
you never were.


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Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
דרכים (1979) Ways Track 8

Words transliterated and translated by Howard Wachtel of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
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