Choshev alaich kol hazman,
lamah at osah inyan
mikol davar katan at mitrageshet
ech nish'art otah yaldah,
yafah shonah veyechidah,
shebechiyuch olam shalem koveshet.

At tamid benishmati
at ha'or shebeveiti
milvadech lo tihyeh acheret

Ohav otach ad sof yamay
ani nishba lach
bi ha'amini yaldati she'lo elech
eshmor otach kol chayay ani eten lach
im rak tavini shelibi nimtza etzlech

At tamid benishmati...

At chayevet lefachot lenasot lehishtanot,
im oti be'emet ohevet
lo efg'a bach le'olam
bishvilech ehyeh mushlam,
lo abit be'af ishah acheret.

At tamid benishmati...

Ani ohav otach kol kach
at ha'or shebeveiti
milvadech lo tihyeh acheret...


I think of you all the time,
why do you make an issue
from every little thing you get worked up
oh how you stayed the same girl
pretty different and unique,
which captures a whole world with a smile.

You're always in my soul
you're the light in my house
aside from you there won't be another

I'll love you till the end of my days
I swear to you
believe me my girl that I won't go
I'll guard you all my life I will give you
if you only get that my heart is by you

You're always in my soul...

You must at least try to change,
if you truly love
I won't ever hurt you
for you I will be perfect,
I won't look at any other woman.

You're always in my soul...

I love you so much
you're the light in my house
aside from you there won't be another...

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Nati Levy
Nati Levy
Lior Narkis
Rak Itach Track 1

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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