Elohai Elohai ho Elohai, Ad Matai?

Dakah dumiyah lo taspik leshishah milion
Af pa’am lo nuchal lik'lot et godel ha’ason
Hayah lo chazon sofi hapitaron
Kulam holchim lishon, vezeh hayom ha'acharon
Echad ve'od echad am shalem kim'at nik'chad
She'afilu ha’amitz beyoter lo sarad
Af echad lo benadam, kol echad nihyah mispar
She’omed betor aroch lo lir'ot et hamachar
Kol cach harbe bechi ve'afilu lo dim'ah
Kol cach harbe sof vezo bechlal hahatchala
Hamon tfilot, tze'akot, velo shom'im tz'lil
Ve'eich hamashiach lo ba kvar lehatzil?
Matarot na'ot bemit'vacho shel hasatan
I efshar lehit'chabe velivroach ein le'an
Temperatura mit'chamemet venidbeket laraglaim
Afar le'afar haneshamot lashamaim

Harakavot el hamavet masechet hashkarim
Chasrei onim od ne'evakim al hachaim
Nir'tzechu, nish'dedu, da’achu nishmoteihem
Husperu shu'evdu lo nish'kach et shmoteihem
Mardu et hacherut, ach nish’ara od hatikva
Hanefesh homiya, ha’ayin tzofia
Tevach lelo siba
Yam shel korbanot
T'lai tzahov al hachultza
Umi shalach lalehavot
Eich efshar liktof leyeladim t'achalomot
Bizman shechot'fim lemevugarim t'azichronot?
Ma asiti col cach ra she'ein shum mechila?
Tamid amarti “Amen” achrei kol t’filah
Achshav ratzot barosh machshavot al lifrosh
Tagidu eich ibadnu kol tzelem enosh
Targishu ma avar alenu bashoa,
shishim shana vezeh od charut baneshama

Tze'akah amukah nitka'at bagaron
Shisha milion! Nich'retu bezikaron
Ma hata'ut, sheyatzrah antishemiut
Mi natan le’adam reshut lehash'mid tarbut?
Mehamagen David nish'ar sarid
ani et sheli, bachaim lo morid
Sheyas'bir ba’atid
Lo lachzor al ta'uyot
Veyaz'kir lehash'ir et ha'einaim p'tuchot
Velil'mod lo lihyot teref betoch hamatzor
Lo od lir'od lefached la’amod
Lichyot bekavod, velamut bekavod
Hakod legan eden hu lis'rod
Hashemesh tizrach vehashemesh titz'lol
Hageshem yavo veyish'tof et hakol
Hagalgal agol ze nachon
Lama im yesh chaim achrei hamavet,
Nechake lahem shama!

Elohai Elohai ho Elohai, Ad Matai?


My G-d, my G-d oh my G-d until when?

A minute of silence is not enough for six million
We can never grasp the size of the atrocity
He hada final vision the solution
Everyone is going "to sleep" and its the final day
One by one, an entire people almost perished
Even the bravest did not survive
No one was a person, everyone became a number
That stands in a long line not to see tomorrow
So much crying a not even a single tear
So many endings, that's just a beginning
Many prayers, screams, yet no sound heard
And why doesn't the Messiah come to save us?
Moving targets in the devil's shooting gallery
Impossible to hide and no place to escape
Temperature rising, our feet stick to the ground
Dust to dust, our souls go to heaven

The death trains, the web of lies
Helpless, still struggling for their lives
They were murdered, robbed, their souls faded out
The perished were counted, we won't forget their names
Freedom vanished, but the hope still remained
Our spirit stirred deep in our hearts, our eyes looking
A massacre without a reason
So many victims
Thaws who had yellow stars on their shirts
Were thrown into the fire
How is it possible to exterminate kids' dreams,
While kidnapping adults' memories?
What did I do so bad that there's no forgiveness?
I always said "Amen" after every prayer!
Now thoughts run in my head welcoming death
Tell me, how we lost all human likeness
Feel what we have been through in the Holocaust,
sixty years later, it never left our souls

A big scream is stuck inside my throat
Six million! Never left my memory!
What's the error that Antisemitism happened
Who gave man the right to extinguish a culture?
Of the Star of David a vestige remains
I'll wear mine, never take it off as long as I live
That it may explain in the future
Not to repeat the same mistakes
And to remind to keep my eyes open
To learn not to become bait for the hunters
Not to be afraid or scared to stand up
To live in dignity and die in dignity
The code to heaven is survival
The sun will rise, the sun will set
The rain will come and wash everything away
This circle is round that's right
Why if there's life after death,
Shall we wait for it there!

My G-d, my G-d oh my G-d until when?

Hebrew words

Song to the melody of Uzi Chitman's Adon Olam.

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Kobi "Subliminal" Shimony
Subliminal/Uzi Hitman
(violinist) Miri Ben Ari

Words transliterated and translated by Alysha Grove of Los Angeles, California, USA.
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