K'shehashemesh shuv yoredet el hayam
veha'erev mitgaleh el ha'olam
velibi holem kshe'ani cholem
lehabit od rega
el ha'or be'eineiha

Menaseh aval kasheh li lehavin
eich sherak etmol hayinu ohavim
zeh karah pit'om k'mo mitoch chalom
va'ani yode'a zeh kasheh lehagi'a

Ad eleiha
rak od rega
laga'at shuv belibah
ad eleiha, ad eleiha
rak od rega
laga'at shuv belibah

Hashamaim mitkasim ba'ananim
betochi ovrim harbeh ga'agu'im
vehazman omed va'ani noded el makom ragu'a
bo uchal lehagi'a

Ad eleiha...


When the sun goes down to the sea again
and the evening reveals itself to the world
and my ehart beats as I dream
to look for another moment
to the light in her eyes

I try but it's hard for me to understand
how just yesterday we were lover
it happened suddenly like from a dream
and I know that it's hard to get
to her

To her
just another moment
to touch her heart again
to her, to her
just another moment
to touch her heart again

The sky is covered in clouds
inside me many longings pass
and time stands and I wander to a calm place
in which I can get
to her

To her...

Photo of Artist & Hebrew words

Yosi Azulai
Ran Aviv
Yosi Azulai

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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