Ulai hayah velo ra'iti
Ulai zeh sod shelo giliti
Ulai biglal shekach karah
Ulai betoch hase'arah
Ulai ki sham ani noladti
Ulai biglal shekach gadalti
Ulai zeh hi, ulai zeh hu
Ulai me'az hayom hahu.

Mah hasibah, mah hagorem
Shezeh ro'ed shezeh tzorem
umi yomar, yomar li kvar
eich ha'etmol hafach machar?

Achshav lakachat li avir,
lehitkaven ulevakesh
Achshav hazman sheli livchor
Ulevarech al mah sheyesh.
Achshav lifko'ach ha'einayim,
lakachat neshimah
Amok mitoch ein sof shamayim
Amok mibeten adamah.

Achshav linshom.

Umah yihyeh ve'eich yihyeh
Umah yihyeh im lo yihyeh
Ve'im ertzeh velo yetzei
Ad she'agi'a lakatzeh
Ve'im achmitz o avater
Lo yisha'er davar yoter
Vehabdidut vehabri'ut
Umah aspik ad she'amut.

Mah hashi'ur, mah haye'ud
ha'im beyachad o lechud
umi yomar, yomar li kvar
Mah hu hashvil shebo evchar?

Pizmon 2x

Achshav linshom
Achshav linshom
Achshav linshom.


Maybe it was and I didn't see
Maybe it's a secret
I didn't discover
Maybe it's because
it happened this way,
Maybe inside the storm
Maybe because I was born there
Maybe because I grew up
like this
Maybe it's her,
maybe it's him
Maybe since that day

What is the reason,
what is the cause
that it's shaking, it's jarring?
And who will say,
will tell me already
how did yesterday
become tomorrow?

Now I take air, to intend
and to request
Now is my time to choose
and to bless what there is
Now open the eyes,
take a breath
deep from inside the
endless sky
deep from the belly
of the earth.
End Chorus

Now, breathe.

And what will be and
how will it be
And what will be if
it won't be
And if I want and
don't go out,
Until I get to the edge?
And if I miss the chance
or give up
nothing more will remain
Just the solitude,
and the health
And what will I manage
to do until I die?

What is the lesson,
what is the purpose?
Is it together or separate?
And who will say,
will tell me already
what is the path that
I will choose?

Chorus 2x

Now, breathe.
Now, breathe.
Now, breathe.

Hebrew words

Tzvia Aharoni
Chani Dinur
Chani Dinur
Ad Matai Track 1
Tuvia Tishler 2013

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