Velo nishkach kvar le’olam et harega hamatok
Ksheshama’nu shenigmar ve’ata ba lihyot karov

Chiyuch shel yeladim tmimim kavash et hapanim
Tzmarmoret rishona achrey chamesh shanim

Achshav kshe’ata kan, kach et ze le’at
Al tarutz maher,
Tizkor, tishkach titzchak

Tamid tihye gibor,
mutar lecha livkot
Ze lo pashut bichlal, lislo’ach lagoral

Aval achshav kshe’ata kan, efshar kvar le’ehov
Efshar kvar lechabek chazak, efshar linshom amok

Chamesh shanim tiktek halev,
tiktek sha’on ke’ev
Hapachad shekvar lo tachzor
harag lanu et halev

Anachnu ohavim lishmo’a et shimcha,
Achsahv ata chozer veyesh kan ahava gdola
Kach ma she’efshar, shelo ta’ez lehitbayesh
Chikinu rak
latet lecha kol ma shetevakesh

Aval achshav kshe’ata kan........

Aval achshav kshe’ata kan........

Ach, eizeh kef she’ata kan!


We’ll never forget that first sweet moment,
When it was all over and we heard you were coming home.

We smiled like innocent kids,
After 5 long years we could be really excited

Now that you’re here, take it easy
You don’t have to run around,
Just remember, just forget and just laugh

You’ll always be our hero,
so you’re allowed to cry.
It’s not so easy to forgive fate.

But now that you’re here, we can love again
We can hug again, we can take a deep breath again,

For 5 years our hearts ticked away,
The clock ticked painfully away.
And the fear that you wouldn’t come back
killed our hearts.

Now that you’re back, we love to hear your name
Now that you're back, the love is out there
Go for it, don’t be shy,
we’ve just been waiting
To give you whatever you’ve ever wanted

Now that you’re here..........

Now that you’re here..........

Oh, it’s just great that you’re here!!

òëùéå ëùàúä ëàï

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Guy Bukati
Guy Bukati
Arik Einstein

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