Achrei esrim shanah
At od menagenet
Gitara yeshanah
At od mitkavenet
Mibein hameitarim
Latov shebashirim
Od lo nechtav

Achrei esrim shanah
Shuv eineni yeled
Tamu ne'urai
Seiva zarka bamelech
Rak at odech imi
Itach shuv el atzmi
Ani chozer

Od oto hatzlil
Od oto hata'am
Shamur kmo yayin, yayin tov.
Mitnagenet bi
Mangina boka'at
Mibein etzbe'otai
Lechi lach el harechov.

Veshuv oleh hashir
Veshuv ad klot hanefesh
Pri ga'agu'ai
Yamei rimon vagefen
Veru'ach bi od shar
Ro'ed oto meitar
Esrim shanah

Od oto hatzlil....

Achrei esrim shanah
Haya, haya li rah
Et shir hama'alot
Ha'im ata shome'a
Ashir ad yom moti
Noset et tfilati hamanginah.


After twenty years
You're still playing
An old guitar
You're still meaning
From between the strings
The best of all songs
Is yet to be written

After twenty years
I'm not a boy anymore
My youth had ended
Hoariness caught up with the king
Only you, are still with me
With you, again to who I am
I'm returning

Still the same sound
Still the same taste
Kept like a good wine
Playing within me,
A melody emerges
From between my fingers
Go to the streets.

And again the song rises
And again until the end of the soul
The fruit of my longings
Days of pomegrenate and grapevine
And still a wind sings within me
The same cord is vibrating
Twenty years

Still, the same sound....

After twenty years
It was bad for me
The song of ascents,
Can you hear it?
I'll sing till my dying day
The melody carries my prayer.

אחרי עשרים שנה

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Shmulik Kraus sings
Shmulik Kraus sings - live version

Yankale Rotblit
Shmulik Kraus
Shmulik Kraus

Words transliterated and translated by Yuval P of Tel Mond, Israel.
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