Le'an halachta k'sheyatzata ledarkecha
lo chashavta lo hik'shavta lebitcha
ein od shemesh
ein od or, beyomcha
ach halailah melaveh otcha

Yoshevet ima uvocha lechesroncha
aba shuv eleinu me'olamcha
ve'ani me'od ohevet otcha
ohevet otcha
rotzah otcha

Od yihyeh beseder
aba sheli
al tichyeh baseter
einaim sheli
hachaim cholfim maher
tashuv eleinu vetisha'er, Aba.

Ani shoma'at veyoda'at
et ke'evcha
ata banita veharasta beyadcha
ein od regesh
bochah bacheresh baleilot
aba lamah
magi'a li liv'kot
ima yoda'at sheta'ita vesal'chah
aba shuv eleinu lena'aratcha
ve'ani me'od do'eget lecha
ohevet otcha
rotzah rak otcha

Od yihyeh besder....


Where did you go to when you went on your way
you didn't think, you didn't listen to your daughter
there's no more sun
there's no more light, in your day
but the night accompanies you

Mom sits and cries for your absence
dad return to us from your world
and I love you very much
I love you
I want you

It will yet be fine
my dad
don't live in hiding
my eyes (endearing term)
life passes fast
retu nto us and stay, Dad.

I hear and know
your pain
you built and destroyed by your own hand
there's no more emotion
I'm crying softly at night
Dad, why
do I deserve to cry
Mom knows that you erred and she forgave
Dad return to us, to your girl
and I am very worried for you
I love you
I want only you

It will yet be fine...

אבא יחיה בסדר

Hebrew words

Mike Look
Mike Look
Zehava Ben
Kochav Echad Levad (1997) Track 5
(One Lonely Star)

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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