Be'ir ha'orot choshech banefesh
vehashemesh nishbat
einaim karot bohot bageshem
ach lo ro'ot hen davar
mabitah banahar t'filah mitchanenet
hevi'u galav merachok
dma'ot kenahar yis'u im hazerem
bein hamar lamatok

O Aba Sheli
ah Aba Sheli

Z'chor et hatov
osher shel bayit
venerot shel shabat
Ima yafah
reiach shel kayitz
utz'chokah shel habat

O Aba Sheli
ah Aba Sheli

Ah Aba Sheli
o Aba Sheli


In the city of lights there's darkness in the soul
and the sun swears
cold, empty eyes in the rain
but they don't see a thing
I look in the river, ask a prayer
bring his waves from afar
tears like a river will travel with the stream
between the sour and the sweet.

Oh My Dad
ah My dad

Remeber the good
the happiness of the house
and the Sabbath candles
Beautiful Mom
the fragrance of summer
and the daughter's laughter

Oh My Dad
ah My dad

Ah My Dad
oh My dad

Hebrew words

Yoav Ginai
Rami Barzel
Zehava Ben

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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