ABA - Sarit Hadad


Baleilot menasa lo nirdemet
Biglalcha kol dima melucha
Al tachshov sheani mitlonenet
Tfilati hi pashut lirotcha
Lechabek et haish shebecha

Vehayalda haktana shehikarta
Hishtanta, mevina ktzat yoter
Abba, bo, vechazor kvar habayta
Sheneshev lefachot ledaber

Baleilot rak otcha medamyenet
Bechadri kan muli tmunatcha
Al tachshov she'ani mitalemet
Mechaka bechol yom leshuvcha
Im halev shepo'em et shimcha

Pizmon, twice


At night I try, but do not fall asleep
Every salty tear is because of you
Do not think that I am complaining
My prayer is simply to see you
To hug the man that is inside you.

And the little girl that you knew
Has changed and understands a bit more
Father, come and return home already
So that we can at least sit and talk.

At night I imagine only you
In my room your picture is here facing me
Do not think that I am ignoring you
I wait every day for your return
With the heart that beats your name

Chorus, twice
And the little girl...

Hebrew words

Sarit Hadad dedicates the song to her father
With Spanish translation titles

David Zigman
Sarit Hadad
Sarit Hadad
La'asot Ma SheBa Li - Doing What I Want Track 9

Words translated by Howard Wachtel of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
Spanish translation by Daniela Roitstein of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Words sent in by Howard Wachtel of Wilmington, Delaware, USA
as well as Jenny Kavo of Canton, Massachusetts, USA
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Por las noches trato, pero no me duermo
Cada l ágrima salada es por ti
No creas
que me quejo
mi plegaria es simplemente verte a ti
abrazar al hombre que hay en ti

Y la niña pequeña
que conociste
Ha cambiado, entiende un poco más
Papá, ven, vuelve ya a casa
para sentarnos por lo menos a conversar

Por las noches solo a ti
te imagino
En mi cuarto está tu foto frente a mí
No creas que te ignoro
Espero cada día
tu regreso
Con el corazón que late
tu nombre

Estribillo (2)
Y la niña.

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