Im yishakeni min'shikot
pihu, mah yagid li?
al ken mikol ha'alamot
shar shirim hu li.

Im chavatzelet hasharon
la'amakim koret li
im yismachuni ba'ashishot
el shadai, shmor li.

Shir hashirim besha'ashu'im
shineicha eder ktzuvot
bli chor ustimah ban.

Shir hashirim besha’ashu’im
shir hashirim b’gil urenana
shir hashirim besha’ashu’im

Eineicha osher ledorot
barak tzochek le'or ben
al mishkavi sham baleilot
ka'avti mibeten

Umi elai, elai yavo
im lo atah harchek sham
elai tid'har kesus par'o
atah li mikulam

Al mishkavi sham baleilot
ka'avti et kulan
tz'rur hamor hafach li mar
kshedodi amar bashir
sus par'oh shekvar avar
et panav mazkir

Shir hashirim besha'ashu'im...

Kol dodi hineh zeh ba
medaleg s'vevah
kol dodi hineh zeh ba
ba be'ahavah.

Az bo n'linah bechramim
bli chov umishkanta
bo nohav k'zug yonim
kach bli de'agah

Shir hashirim besha'ashu'im.

If he shall kiss me with the kisses
of his mouth, what shall he tell me?
Indeed of all the virgins
he sings songs to me.

If the tulip of the Sharon
calls upon me to the vallies
if they shall let me lean against the stout trunks
the Almighy God, guard me.

The song of songs in amusement
your teeth are a numbered flock
without a hole or filling in them.

The song of songs in amusement
the song of songs in joy, and joyful music
the song of songs in amusement

Your eyes are bliss to generations
a laughing thunder to their light
By night there on my bed
I hurt from my stomach

And who shall come, come to me
if not you, there afar
you shall ride to me like Pharao's horse
you from among all

By night there on my bed
I hurt for all
bundle of myrrh turned sour on me
when my lover said in song
that the Pharao's horse already passed
reminds of his face

The song of songs in amusement...

The voice of my beloved, behold he comes
leaping around.
The voice of my lover, behold he comes
he comes in love.

So come let us lodge in vineyards
without a loan and without a mortgage
let's love like a pair of doves
so, without a worry

The song of songs in amusement...

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Betzalel Aloni
Binyamin Etzioni
Ofra Haza
Melody of the Heart Part 2 Disc 2 Track 14
Boaz Sharabi - B'shirim Shelo Nas Leicham Track 4
Shlomo Bachar
Shlomo Bachar

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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