Ima madlika nerot shabat
vechol hayeladim omdim sviva
Lapamotim sholchim mabat
sheyesh bo or vechom ve'ahava

Ima mevarachat shabat shalom
ve'ima mitpalelet shabat shalom
Ima me'achelet shabat shalom
lechol hamishpacha shela

Ima madlika nerot shabat
et shtei eineiha hi otzemet umchasar
vechol hayeladim le'at le'at
lochashim balev tfila

Ima madlika nerot shabat
veshemesh kvar nota le'ever yam
me'al yered hachoshech od me'at
ach or ishre babayit le'olam


Mother lights the Sabbath candles
and all the children stand around her
they cast a glance to the candlesticks
full of light and warmth and love

Mother gives a blessing ‘Shabbat Shalom'
and mother prays ‘Shabbat Shalom'
Mother wishes ‘Shabbat Shalom'
to all her family

Mother lights the Sabbath candles
she closes and covers her eyes
and all the children slowly, slowly
whisper a prayer in their hearts

Mother lights the Sabbath candles
and the sun is already turned towards the sea
dusk will fall from above
but light will remain in our homes forever.

Portuguese Translation   

Dedication by the translator

Smadar Shir
Moshe Datz
Orna & Moshe Datz
Tif Ve'taf My Family Track 8
Shmulik Gov Ari 2003

Words transliterated and translated by Bracha Hart, Ophra Gilead and Roberto Haddon.
Portuguese translation by Helena Wajsfels Zins of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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Portuguese translation
Paz no Shabbat

Mam?e acendeu as velas de shabbat
e todas as crian?as a rodearam.
Elas lan?am um olhar para os casti?ais
plenos de luz, calor e amor.

REFR?O (2X):
Mam?e aben?oa a paz no shabbat
e reza pela paz no shabbat.
Mam?e deseja "shabbat shalom"
? toda sua fam?lia.

Mam?e acende os casti?ais do shabbat,
cerra e cobre seus olhos
e as crian?as lentamente
murmuram uma prece em seus cora??es.

Mam?e acende os casti?ais do shabbat
e o sol j? se p?e em dire??o ao mar.
O crep?sculo cair? dentro em pouco
mas a luz ficar? em nossos lares para sempre.

REFR?O (2X): Mam?e aben?oa......


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