I would like to dedicate the words of "Shabbat Shalom" to a dancing friend who was at the workshop where this dance was taught, but who unfortunately and unexpectedly died from a viral infection just five days later.

I met Ruthi Guenther on my first trip to Israel in 1986 - at a dance evening of course - where we quickly discovered that we could communicate better in German than in Hebrew.   (I had studied German up to university degree level, but had only done one year of evening classes in Hebrew - Ruthi spoke German and Hebrew fluently and, as I discovered later, also very good English). 

She was very helpful and friendly and we would see each other regularly at dance events in Germany and Belgium and would enjoy our common love of Israeli dancing together with other friends. 

She was an active member of the Jewish community in the Cologne area of Germany.

It was a shock to hear that she had died so suddenly and so young - she was only 39 - and my thoughts are with her family, especially her young daughter Sharon who also came with Ruthi to dance camps and workshops. 

She will be sorely missed by her dancing friends.
Roberto Haddon, London, England, May 2004



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