Hallelu el bekodsho
Hallelu birkea oozoh

Hallelu bigvoorotav
Hallelu kerov goodloh

Hallelu beteka shofar
Hallelu benevel vechinor

Hallelu betof umachol
Hallelu beminim v'oogav

Hallelu betzil tzelei shema
Hallelu betzil tzelei truah

Kol haneshama tehallel ya


Praise the Lord in the Lord's sanctuary
Praise the Lord whose power the heavens proclaim

Praise the Lord for the Lord's mighty acts
Praise the Lord for the Lord's surpassing greatness

Praise the Lord with shofar blast
Praise the Lord with lute and harp

Praise the Lord with drum and dance
Praise the Lord with strings and pipe

Praise the Lord with cymbals sounding
Praise the Lord with cymbals resounding

Let every soul praise the Lord

The translation was taken from the Union for Progressive Judaism siddur
- "Gates Of Prayer". This is the tune I regularly sing at my kehilla on Shabbat, but I know of no recorded version, so I enlisted the aid of my son Simon, a professional musician.
I gave him some notes on the arrangement I wanted, but his technical knowledge and musical expertise produced a version I couldn't even dream of. He ended up recording 20 voice tracks, 8 percussion, 5 guitar, 1 bass and 1 keyboard tracks.

When I expressed astonishment at the wonderful outcome, his simple response was "For Klal Israel, I'm happy to give more than 100%"
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Bible - Psalm 150
Simon Starr
Robin Starr
Demonstrated by Robin Starr

Words transliterated by Robin Starr of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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